The North American Compact

Invictus for President 2020

The North American Compact

By Tyler Hamilton

54 years have passed since George Grant lamented the defeat of Canadian Nationalism. The Canadian tradition of Monarchy and Authority, of Noblesse Oblige, of Communitarianism, of Protectionism against the ravages of the Free Market threatening the ethnic European traditions that make up the spirit of the Nation, and the European pioneer spirit that conquered frozen lands and mountains has perished to a lived memory, living on only in Government-managed programs perverted and turned back on the Euro-Canadian population. The mechanisms by which the European heritage was to be defended from outside influence, such as the CBC, have become the primary weapon of undermining and displacing this spirit with a socially engineered program to convert Canada into a post-National wasteland. We are on the verge of sharing nothing in common as a nation but consumerism, the hedonism which our Prime Minister indulges at Pride Parades, and the shared destiny of outsourced work pushing the Euro-Canadian population to a hated underclass. To call the figure of the Euro-Canadian a scapegoat to usher in this progressive vision would be an understatement, for only by removing our demographic dominance and destroying our spirit can this program become an undefeatable force.

What we have to recognize, as Grant our prophet did back in 1965, is that our traditions of the Loyalist Euro-Canadian are long gone and we cannot hope to revive them as a bulwark against this globalist threat. The reigning political parties that steer Canada on this collision course have no interest in such revival or even employ the language of it in an effort to construct a Trojan horse. The Conservatives have become mimics of the worst tendencies of the American Republican party, down to support for Israel and the erosion of National well-being in favor of rootless global elites. The false populism of Bernier and the PPC continue the modern myth of Canada as an immigrant nation. The Liberal Party from the beginning had been the main force imposing this globalist vision in Canada. How did this happen? The familiar story of Americanism infringing into the politics of Canada that provoked the writing of Lament for a Nation is a cogent one. It is not in our interest to reiterate here. My love for this country in its vast and beautiful array of untouched land from the mountains and prairies, to the frozen north and the ocean, remains a strong motivating force for its preservation. My love for the European majority which gave this nation its unique character, its history and its spirit remains a strong motivating force for its preservation. So why must we support the campaign of Augustus Invictus in 2020 in the United States? Why do we wish, as dissidents whose primary concerns is the restoration of our spirit in this land, turn to a unity with a campaign that seeks to end the barrier between us and the United States? Why do I demand that we work with and aid a campaign from the United States when it was the influence of Americanism in the first place that led to the gradual loss of Canadian Identity?

Because it is the same forces of international finance that have gripped the steering wheel of political power in America. The American Empire is controlled by a hostile rootless elite, enacting war by mass immigration, state repression, and a lying media on the European population of the United States. Much like the Human Rights Tribunal in Canada, the Judiciary in the United States treats dissidents like as Homo Sacer, as the set-apart, accursed man in Roman Law to be killed by anybody, outlaw that he is. With the forces of international finance at the seat of American Power, we run the risk of a unipolar world with no opposing force to drive it away. Individual Nation states are no match for such a global power. For if the European man is to return to his position as the bearer of order for world, the construction and reigns of an Imperium across European nations must be fought for. In the dissident community, we witness and tolerate too many brother wars. We blame the arrogance of Americans, the weakness of Canadians, the complacency of the homeland Nations in Europe. Such practices of finger-pointing do little but return us to brother wars we have no reason to fight, unless we wish to please the powers of International Finance with our internal destruction.

To this creation of a new European united order, we affirm from our perspective and with the Invictus Campaign the Nine Principles:

Restore the National Order: We affirm with the campaign the reinstatement of natural law as the highest law. To this point as Canadians, we will revive and expand our old Loyalist traditions of hierarchy, of aristocracy and of the rule of the virtuous directing the whole community towards a shared noble goal. With the exercise of virtuous power from the rule of exceptional men, we will go beyond the dying materialistic consumer workcamp we have devolved into towards a truly great, spiritual, enduring Empire.

Defend the West: We affirm with the campaign the preservation and veneration of great European art. The reflection of the European soul that accomplishes both the creation of a unique dwelling that is truly ours and calls us outside of ourselves to live in conviction to the spirit, should it falter under the weight of disbelief from the debased impulses of the appetites. The CBC, which was originally meant to protect our ancestral identity, has become a tool towards its destruction. To this end, we will abolish the CBC and affirm with the campaign the defense of the West with our own mechanisms of power.

End White Genocide: We will put an end to the ongoing effort of the Canadian government’s ethnocide of Euro-Canadians. The plan to import 1 million more immigrants up to 2021, the signing of the UN Compact on Migration (carried out amidst protests from the Canadian people; marked as enemies of the State), and the current government’s goal of settling immigrants in the rural areas to speed up the displacement will be overturned.

Make Americans Great Again: We say with our American brothers, make Canadians great again. From the first settlers struggling against the Canadian Winter, the bravery of our soldiers from the War of 1812 to the sacrifice at Passchendaele, and the endurance of our nation caught between two Empires, we will revitalize the Euro-Canadian spirit towards strengthening a greater union and North American European Empire. We will pick up the lowest among us, those who are left behind as millions are spent abroad by our traitorous government to please the masters of international finance, and raise them up into a people that will once again believe it can forge its own destiny.

Better Dead than Red: We affirm with the campaign, the urgency in crushing the communist mob. To this end, we add the abolishment of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. The CHRC functions as the show trial court, bringing dissidents to their knees with the threat of financial ruin. From misgendering a transexual or expressing a traditionalist viewpoint to critiquing the current government, all speech offensive to the creation of a “post-National” Canada is suppressed through this unaccountable body. The threat of the red mob lives through this mechanism of government and it, too, will be destroyed.

Stop the Machines: We affirm with the campaign, the bringing of Silicon Valley to heel and working towards overturning the replacement of the human by the machine. As Canadians, we add the threat of the Canadian government’s proposed legislation to further stifle speech on the Internet. With current funding this year at $366,985 to “research” dissident speech and movements, the Canadian government not only wants to censor us but to brand us criminals and remove us from the land our ancestors cultivated to rot in a jail cell. To this end, we demand a new government system to abolish the openly hostile one presently at the helm.

Dismantle the Deep State: We affirm with the campaign, the dismantling of the Deep State. The Deep State in America is also present in Canada. The corruption of the government, the subversion of the movement, the united messages of mass media, the censorship by big tech, and the degeneracy promoted by the entertainment industry all manufacture the subject’s mental life in Canada. The loose divide between Canada and the United States ensures the spilling of American political and cultural battles over the border. The fight that our American brothers fight against the Deep State is also our fight in Canada.

Eat the Bankers: We affirm with the campaign, liquidating the power of the international banking cartel. The Bank of Canada works with the IMF and the World Bank towards the destructive ends of international finance. Furthermore, Global Affairs Canada has put $1.5 billion towards promoting feminist visions of gender equality at home and abroad. Before you jump to Trudeau, this is not just a policy of the Trudeau government, as the “conservative” one of Harper before it actually contributed more of our dollars towards this end. Seeking a seat on the UN Security Council, Canada has also pledged millions of dollars towards international finance’s goals in developing nations. Canadians must participate in liquidating the power of the international banks as they seek to implement their global vision, dragging us into their destruction along the way,

Conquer: We affirm with the campaign, the principle of imperialism. In a world increasingly facing a unipolar rule from rootless elites at the helm of the American Empire and the threat of the rising power of China, the world connected by technology in both military and media will set the tone for the shape the order of the world will take on. As it stands, the Canadian government, with full knowledge of what is happening, has allowed the government of China to seize Canadian property in BC. As the Canadian government tries to project a progressive image on the world stage, the people of Canada suffer as the real estate values soars above what anyone can afford. Their solution? Affordable housing programs, more homeless outreach, more safe injection centers for the left-behind addicts. All but the only real solution which is in the principle of imperialism. For those that do not conquer are conquered.

For the reasons outlined above and more, it is crucial that Canadian dissidents join and support the campaign in the United States. We will fight the global system of international finance, the techno-dystopia of progressivism, and the consumerist devolvement of man into a debased animal – or we will be ensnared in this insidious global system, should we not stand up together in struggle and action. Our destiny is a shared destiny.