Articles of Reconstitution

Invictus for President 2020

Articles of Reconstitution

Here follow eighteen specific policy objectives that we will pursue upon taking office:

1.         Passage of federal legislation that would prohibit censorship of lawful speech on social media platforms.

2.         Ratification of a nationwide constitutional carry amendment, with protections against the government diminishing the armaments’ effectiveness. Article 2 shall defend citizens’ rights to armament specifically designed to protect the populace from a military threat, either foreign or domestic. (18 hours of training in a militia of 10,000 or more members every year removes property tax payment for primary residence.)

3.         Prohibition of usury.

4.         All employers who hire non-citizens for labor shall face taxation that makes non-citizen salary commensurate with U.S. labor.

5.         Immediate deportation of all illegal aliens and a revocation of citizenship for all who harbor or employ illegal aliens, including mayors of sanctuary cities.

6.         90% remittance tax to remove the incentive for migrants to exploit the US and displace its working class.

7.         Loss of citizenship to all children of illegal aliens and their progeny, dating back to the Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965.

8.         A wall shall be built immediately along the U.S.-Mexico border. Funding will be provided for construction and maintenance of the wall through tariffs on goods sold to Central and South American countries.

9.         Replacement of the 1965 Immigration Act with the Naturalization Act of 1790.

10.       Ban on all kosher or halal slaughter. Ban on all male circumcision. 

11.       No dual citizen shall have any stake in any apparatus that influences media, the judicial system, government institutions of any kind, academia, banking, or Wall Street interests.

12.       No Congressman may serve a total of more than twelve (12) years. No current Congressman shall be grandfathered in. No Congressman shall earn a salary higher than the average Private currently serving in the military.

13.       Territorial reparations paid to all living descendants of slavery that took place on U.S. soil. The territory shall not be landlocked and shall be a large enough body of land to sustain the new settler population. The newly established territory shall no longer be a part of the United States or subject to its laws or protections. Moreover, reparations will be paid to said descendants with the $3 billion per year presently paid to Israel in foreign aid.

14.       Repeal of the 14th Amendment. 

15.       Repeal of the 15th Amendment.

16.       Repeal of the 19th Amendment. Only white male citizens have the right to vote. Furthermore, only white male citizens are eligible to own real property within the country.

17.       Repeal of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

18.       Congressmen making backdoor deals with corporations or foreign governments to pad their salaries or prepare for the private sector after their terms in public office will be tried for treason.